Who We Are

Scargo Hill Capital is an institutional asset management platform focused on senior secured direct lending serving what we believe is a uniquely identified market niche within private debt strategies and a capital dislocation in the lower, middle-market across retail, consumer products and the broader supply chain.

Scargo executes forward thinking, transitional working capital solutions. We leverage our time-tested experience and deep roots in collateral valuation and critical thinking. Each transaction is tailored on its own and always with an eye forward in providing maximum liquidity and flexibility with the goal to afford our working relationship an opportunity to exceed goals and expectations.


Our Name

41°44’22.1″N 70°10’48.2″W

Located atop the highest hill in Dennis, Massachusetts, Scargo Tower was originally constructed in 1874 by the Tobey Family as a tourist observatory. Made of wood, the Tower was destroyed by a wind storm two years later. It was rebuilt again of wood, only to burn to the ground in 1900.  But, as the saying goes, “When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  And try again the Tobey family did, this time constructing the tower out of cobblestone. Over 100 years later, that same Tower stands 28 feet high and provides breathtaking views of the Cape Cod Bay, from Provincetown to Plymouth.

The Tobey Family’s drive to construct Scargo Tower is the epitome of resiliency.  When faced with adversity, their forward thinking and self-correcting attitude prevailed.

Our company has adopted their resolute and resilient perspective as our own, hence our name: Scargo Hill Capital. We take it upon ourselves to anticipate, prepare for and adapt to changes and sudden disruptions in our clients’ business strategies to position them for success, even in the most trying times.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small and lower middle-market companies across retail, consumer products and the broader supply chain achieve their goals by providing transitional working capital solutions that allow for maximum liquidity and flexibility. We work closely with our clients to provide time-tested solutions that are backed by more than 50 years of experience in collateral valuation, critical thinking, sound underwriting and strong credit disciplines.