Our Approach

At Scargo Hill Capital we know how important it is for businesses to have access to innovative and practical capital solutions, especially in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment. That’s why we design products and services that offer maximum liquidity and flexibility – so that you can transition forward with confidence.

Our time-tested experience in collateral valuation and critical thinking allows us to execute transitional capital solutions for companies across retail, consumer products the broader supply chain. In doing so, we view each transaction as an opportunity to embrace challenges and navigate change through proactive collaboration and active listening.

Our approach is not based on formulaic calculations, what history alone may dictate, or lagging market indicators.  Instead, we take a manufacturing approach to determine our own appetite for risk and to form our own credit opinions, all of which are rooted in more than a century of combined experience as both owners and operators in direct lending, asset management and direct investing.

Today, we are experiencing a permanent and ever-lasting shift in landscape and retailing as we know it.  At Scargo Hill Capital, we recognize that currency is merely a commodity. We understand that we must offer more, in fact much more, given our direct industry experience and capabilities as market influencers and futurists.

Your success and your vision for the future motivates us. We hope to have the privilege of helping you forge your path forward.


Our team has the expertise to support companies with differing financial and operational needs through a  variety of business cycles. We are sector agnostic across retail, consumer products and the broader supply chain, with an ideal target commitment size of $25MM and under and a preferred tenor of 2 years. Our passions include:

  • Emerging growth companies and consumer brands

  • E-commerce and V-commerce or digitally-native vertical brands

  • Underperforming or transitional turn-arounds or “turn-ups”

  • Debtor in possession

  • Dividend recaps

  • Mergers/acquisitions, buyouts – synergy value

  • Sector specific rollups

  • Corporate orphan “lift outs” – synergy value

  • Rescue Finance



In a financial world that is bent foremost in looking backward, we leverage historical performance only for what it is…history. Instead of looking backward, we help you look forward. Understanding your goals allows us to provide innovative, flexible and relevant transitional capital solutions that promote positive and consistent forward progress. This allows us to establish a mutually rewarding relationship that is built upon what is most important to you: your business. Our primary products and services include:

    • Revolving lines of credit and term loans

    • Accounts receivable unlocking traditional borrowing base ineligibles

    • Seasonal, in-transit or opportunistic inventory advances

    • Vendor trade finance (PO finance, vendor financed inventory)

    • FILO 100+% in partnership with leading national banks and syndications

    • Custodial Lending

    • Scan Based Trading

    • Fulfillment by Amazon

    • IP Consumer Brands (selective)

All of our products are designed to create increased asset yield and optimize value across all asset classes.