Strategic Mindshare

Traditionally, the role of an operating partner has been around for decades and most prevalent in private equity.  The theory being that private equity firms need to do more than pick promising companies, they should be hands-on in the operations of those companies and drive increased value.

Today, is the recognition that private, alternative lending is fundamental to and highly desirable by businesses that cannot access or do not fit traditional options.  In doing so, we remain fully accessible to our borrower; engaged in their short and long-term goals, immediate challenges and opportunities, and ultimately focused foremost on their success.

Capital or currency is a commodity and therefore ”added value” as provided by anyone today, in our view, must be accretive, truly identifiable and measurable.  At Scargo Hill Capital, Strategic Mindshare is our dedicated, captive, and trusted network of collaborators from whom we draw inspiration and expertise across all aspects of business.

They bring an extensive collection of experiences and respective skill sets to aid our portfolio borrowers.  They remain active “in industry” as operators and thought leaders on a wide range of relevant topical matter and in situations most pertinent in today’s ever-changing economic and retail/consumer climate.

Through Strategic Mindshare this wide and collaborative network remains fully accessible and is designed whether utilized directly or indirectly, formally or informally to represent an assembled “think tank” and collaboration in our transition forward.